IRS Form 1099 DIV Online

The 1099-DIV Form is used to report the yearly tax statement furnished by investment fund companies to their investors. Form 1099 DIV includes income from dividends including exempt interest dividends and capital gains dividends of more than $10. The information included on Form 1099-DIV is furnished to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) / SSA (Social Security Administration) as well as the payee, or person the dividends were paid to.

When to file IRS Form 1099 DIV for Tax Year 2016?

Deadlines to File Form 1099 DIV

Provide Recipient Copy
31, 2017
Paper Filing Deadline
28, 2017
E-filing Deadline
31, 2017

How to E-File IRS Form 1099 DIV Online?

Electronic-Filing or E-Filing

E-filing 1099-DIV brings about the online method of filing your information return forms. 1099-DIV forms can be filed online with the help of an IRS Authorized Service Provider. These service providers transmit all your information directly to the IRS and thereby bringing a secured E-filing process. ExpressIRSForms is an IRS Authorized Agent that provides filing of Form 1099 DIV online and your entire gets done within a few minutes. Also your recipient copies gets mailed and posted through ExpressIRSForms.

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Why Choose ExpressIRSForms For E-Filing 1099 Div Online?

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Multiple Form Uploads

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What if Form 1099 DIV is filed late?

Penalities for 1099 DIV

If 1099-DIV forms are filed late with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) / SSA (Social Security Administration) or provided to recipients late there will likely be penalties assessed based on the date that you file Form 1099-DIV. Avoid late filing penalties for Form 1099-DIV by submitting your forms for processing as soon as possible. Using the ExpressIRSForms system is an efficient way to file your Form 1099-DIV online and provide copies to your recipients automatically via postal mail.

What are the exceptions to filing Form 1099 DIV?

There are two exceptions for filing the Form 1099 DIV as follows

Dividend distributions that are taxable from life insurance contracts and employee stock ownership which need to be reported on Form 1099-R, distributions from pensions, retirement or profit-sharing plans, IRAs, annuities, etc.

Substitute payments in lieu of dividends. Payments that are received by a broker on behalf of a client in lieu of dividends resulting from a loan of a client’s securities, see box 8 of Form 1099-MISC.

Are there any extensions for Filing Form 1099 DIV?

There is an automatic 30 day extension available in case you have missed the deadline. This is done through filing an Extension Form 8809 and can be done either through paper or electronic filing. You can E-file Form 8809 through ExpressIRSForms as it is fast & secured and done within a few minutes.

Where do I go to file other types of 1099 Forms?

There are many different types of 1099 forms that you may need to file each year. Each of these forms can be either paper filed or E-Filed with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) / SSA (Social Security Administration).

With ExpressIRSForms you can E-File Form 1095, Form 1099-DIV, Form 1099-MISC, Form 1099-INT, Form 1099-R and even Form W-2. ExpressIRSForms is part of the ExpressTaxZone line of IRS Authorized tax software including Express Extension, ExpressTruckTax and ExpressIFTA.

Other Supported Forms

  • 1095-C, 1095-B

  • 1094-C, 1094-B

  • 1099-MISC,INT,R

  • Form W-2 & W-3

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